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MKAS Committee meetings are held on the third Monday of every month, 8pm-10pm, at The Cock Inn, Henley Street, Luddesdown, DA13 OXB.

Any member is welcome to attend any meeting, however please let the Chairman know in advance, in case the meeting has been cancelled or postponed or there is a change in venue.

Below, you will find a list of the past minutes of the Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

Microsoft Word document 20170220_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20170105_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20161207_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20161103_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20161016_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20160901_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20160707_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20160602_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20160513_AGM_2016
Microsoft Word document 20160504_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20160407_Committee_Minutes
Microsoft Word document 20160303_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20160204_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20160107_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20151203_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20151001_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150903_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150702_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150604_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150507_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150402_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150327_AGM_2015
Adobe pdf document 20150305_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150208_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20150108_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20141204_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20141106_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20141002_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20140904_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20140703_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20140605_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20140501_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20140403_Committee_Minutes
Adobe pdf document 20140328_AGM_2014
Adobe pdf document 20130428_AGM_2013

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