Next Bredhurst meeting

Friday 31st Oct

Sky Guide: presented by Gavin Lacey & Ian Hargraves

Doors open at 7:45pm, meeting starts at 8pm.

Bredhurst Village Hall

(Follow link for location)


Canterbury Observing Status

Friday 7th November

check here first.

Observing status can be found in the forum, under the Observing Forum category by 19:30 on the evening of the session. The location of the meeting place can be found at the bottom of the "Events" page.  Members of the public are very welcome to our observing sessions, meet at the location below.


Here is a listing of our upcoming events,
see below for start times and location details .


Oct 31st

Sky Guide

Our in-house Astronomers will show members and visitors what the Autumn skies will look like over the next couple of months. They will point out the interesting objects that can be observed with both binoculars and small telescopes and even the naked eye. They will also show you were and how to find them from your own back garden.


Nov 14th

Dr David Mannion: The search for Dark Matter and Dark Energy

The Universe we 'see' is about 4% of the total matter we now know makes up our Universe!
What on Earth is Dark matter (24%) or the even more strange Dark Energy which makes up 72% of our Universe and is causing the galaxies to accelerate away from each other?
We will explore the known Science behind these two unknown quantities!


Nov 28th

Will Hughes: A Quest for Aliens

Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe? Some think that because there were so many unique events that led to human life on Earth, intelligent life in the Universe is impossible. But is it?


Dec 12th

Christmas Special

Bring food and drink, and prepare to be entertained and challenged. Could you survive on the Moon? Let's find out!





There are possible Observing evenings at our Observatory in Canterbury, every Friday when we are not at a Bredhurst meeting.

Check the website on the day to see if we are open, as this is dependent on weather and personnel.


Meetings of the society are held at Bredhurst (see link for location) Doors Open 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start unless stated otherwise.

Observation sessions
are held (weather permitting)at our observatory in Canterbury (see link for location) on any Friday evenings except the second and last Fridays in the month.!-

Sidewalk Astronomy Events are held in the Medway Maritime Carpark (see link for location).

For all paid-up members, attendance at all Bredhurst meetings will be subject to a £1 fee (with free tea/coffee), attendance at the Canterbury observatory is free.

There is a £3 attendance fee for casual visitors and prospective members, this includes free Tea/coffee. Prospective members will have this fee waived for the first two visits.

All persons under 18yrs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.