Next Bredhurst meeting

Friday 25th July

Konrad Malin Smith:- White Dwarfs

Doors open at 7:45pm, meeting starts at 8pm.

Bredhurst Village Hall

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 Next Observing Session:

Friday 1st August

Check here at 7:30pm before coming!

Observing status can be found in the forum, under the Observing Forum category by 19:30 on the evening of the session. The location of the meeting place can be found at the bottom of the "Events" page.  Members of the public are very welcome to our observing sessions, meet at the location below.


Here is a listing of our upcoming events,
see below for start times and location details .


July 25th

Konrad Malin Smith: White Dwarfs

Konrad, a life member and past chairman of the Croydon Astronomical Society, has given hundreds of talks to astronomical societies for over 20 years, including the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society, and is a very popular, educational, and entertaining speaker.

As a retired science school teacher, he is very good at explaining complex science in very simple ways, usually using models and demonstrations he has developed personally.

He is an Eclipse chaser, having gone to many exotic and not-so-exotic places around to the world to see the splendour of the Total Solar Eclipse. Konrad has an asteroid (minor planet) named after him, 10381 Malinsmith. It was discovered on 3rd September 1996 by Brian G.W. Manning at Stakenbridge.

But don't ask Konrad about his tango dancing!

August No meetings during August
Sep 12th

Greg Smye-Rumsby: Uranus

Greg is a former member of Orpington Astronomical Society, but now lives in Brighton, and is a long term friend of the society.

He will be talking about the planet Uranus, one of the mysterious gas giant planets in our outer solar system.

Greg was present at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the flyby of NASA's Voyager space craft as it passed Uranus, and has many interesting stories to tell about the planet.

Greg is the graphic designer for Astronomy Now magazine, and has done many talks for the society over many years.

He  is a very entertaining and exubarent speaker, so be prepared to be amused, educated and perhaps even shocked.

Sep 26th

Nik Szymanek: TBA

Nik is known as one of the world's leading expert photographers of the wonderous objects in the night sky.

His images are found in many Astronomy publications and magazines around the world.

He is often travelling to many exotic parts of the world, to take the most spectacular images. This includes the world's greatest observatories and other mountain tops, as well as from his own back yard.

Prepare to be visually enthralled.

Oct 10th

Paul Money: Images of the Universe Volume 4

The fourth in a series of visually stimulating presentation of the universe, from the perspective of Paul's extensive experience.

Oct 31st

Sky Guide

Our in-house Astromers will show visitors what is available to obsere in the Autumn skies, what the main sights to observe, with a small telescope, binoculars, and even the naked eye, and what the main techniques are to help you to find them.


There are possible Observing evenings at our Observatory in Canterbury, every Friday when we are not at a Bredhurst meeting.

Check the website on the day to see if we are open, as this is dependent on weather and personnel.


Meetings of the society are held at Bredhurst (see link for location) Doors Open 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start unless stated otherwise.

Observation sessions
are held (weather permitting)at our observatory in Canterbury (see link for location) on any Friday evenings except the second and last Fridays in the month.!-

Sidewalk Astronomy Events are held in the Medway Maritime Carpark (see link for location).

For all paid-up members, attendance at all Bredhurst meetings will be subject to a £1 fee (with free tea/coffee), attendance at the Canterbury observatory is free.

There is a £3 attendance fee for casual visitors and prospective members, this includes free Tea/coffee. Prospective members will have this fee waived for the first two visits.

All persons under 18yrs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.