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Dr Brendan Owens: The state of Solar physics in the 21st century
Bredhurst Village Hall

Much has changed in our understanding of the Sun since we first started observing it back in the 17th century. The cause of sunspots, first observed by Gallileo in 1660 and the incredible impact of the Carrington event in 1859, which were perplexing at the time are now readily understood.

Our understanding of the internal processes within the Sun, the solar wind, coronal mass eruptions and the effect of the Sun on our planet has evolved considerably with the development of new technology.

In this talk Brendan Owens, who specialises in solar physics will provide a fascinating insight into the current state of solar physics and our understanding of our nearest star.

Dr Brendan Owens

Dr Brendan Owens MSc is the Senior Manager for Public Astronomy at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. As one of the astronomers at the Observatory, he presents planetarium shows, develops and presents schools' workshops, looks after the operation of the largest lensed telescope in the UK and also frequently talks about science fact versus science fiction. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy and an M.Sc. in Science Communication both from Dublin City University and has worked on projects regarding Solar Physics.


Christmas Social
Bredhurst Village Hall

Our annual Christmas social will feature a very entertaining and enjoyable video alongside the usual eating and drinking and chat.


Roy Easto: Merging Neutron Stars
Bredhurst Village Hall

140 million years ago, in a galaxy far away two neutron stars spiralled into an inevitable collision releasing a burst of gamma rays and gravitational waves that spread inexorably outwards. They reached Earth on the 17th August 2017 when they shook the astronomical community. This talk takes a look at what happened and what we have learned.

Roy Easto

Roy is an Amateur Astronomer from the Croydon Astronomical Society with a great interest in theoretical physics and cosmology. In the past an avid observer and occasional eclipse chaser. Now concentrates on computer simulations in Astronomy.


Dr Sarah Bosman
Bredhurst Village Hall

Details to follow

Sarah Bosman

Sarah is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University College London (UCL) in the group of Prof. Richard Ellis. Previously, Sarah spent 7 years at the University of Cambridge getting a BA and MA in Natural Sciences, an MSci in Astrophysics, and a PhD at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK. Prof. George Becker (UC Riverside) and Prof. Martin Haehnelt (IoA) were her supervisors.

Sarah's research interests span the time period of the history of the Universe known as the Cosmic Dawn, during which the first stars and newly assembled first galaxies are breaking down the neutral Hydrogen in their surroundings - becoming possible to observe for the first time.

Bredhurst Village Hall


The Big Fun Quiz
Bredhurst Village Hall

The hugely successful MKAS quiz returns for its third year. The quiz covers both general knowledge and astronomy subjects. All proceeds go to the GP20 project.

Further details of the event and ticket prices will appear in due course but make sure you make a note of the date in your diary.


  Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are held on the second and last Friday of each month, except August and at Christmas, when there are no meetings. Meetings normally start at 7:45pm for 8pm.

All Regular meetings are held at Bredhurst Village Hall unless otherwise stated.
Bredhurst Village Hall : Hurstwood Road, Bredhurst, Gillingham, Kent ME7 3JZ
Bredhurst is close to J4 off the M2. There is a car park on site.

These meetings are open to non-members who are welcome to attend for free on their first visit. Everyone of all ages and levels of expertise is welcome, including complete beginners. There is a small entrance fee for each meeting to cover costs for tea and coffee.

Following the presentation there will be a tea break giving a chance to talk with other MKAS members and then an observing session in the field behind the hall (weather permitting) and a telescope workshop in the hall, so if you are having problems with your telescope (or just want to show it off) bring it along.

Please dress appropriately for the weather, and be ready for observing, if it is clear. Remember that it can get very cold, especially in winter, so bring several layers or your warmest winter coat, as you feel appropriate.

  Observing Open Evenings

The James Irwin Observatory is
Currently Closed
and Due to Reopen

on 15th November 2019

Check here after 19:30 on the day to get final confirmation before travelling in case clouds prevent us opening.

See below for details

On the Fridays when we do not hold our regular meetings at Bredhurst, and depending on the weather, we open our James Irwin Observatory in Canterbury for those who wish to do some observing.

We first meet at the Victoria Hotel from 8pm (Oct-Mar) / 8.30pm (Apr-Sep). Thirty minutes later, you will be escorted to the Observatory. Venue details are found on the left of this page.

  Outreach Events

MKAS often get asked to hold Astronomy events for various schools, councils, scout groups and other groups. The committee and other supportive members are very actively organising and holding events from small shows or talks to Spectacular Events where several thousand members of the public typically attend.

  Member Events

We organise various astronomy-related events and trips for our members. These are often subsidised.

  Other Events

Members may also be interested in other astronomy-related events, run by other groups and societies, that our members are welcome to attend.

All persons under 18yrs must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or responsible adult.

If you wish further information on MKAS or any of the meetings, events and activities of the Society, please contact us, using the details on the CONTACT page.

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The James Irwin Observatory is
Currently Closed
and Due to Reopen

on 15th November 2019

Check here after 19:30 on the day to get final confirmation before travelling in case clouds prevent us opening.

See below for details


Bredhurst Village Hall

Hurstwood Road,
Bredhurst, Gillingham,
Kent ME7 3JZ
(Close to J4 off the M2)
There is a car park on site.
Starts 7:45pm for 8pm.

James Irwin Observatory

Meet in the Conservatory at:
Victoria Hotel
59 London Road,
Canterbury, Kent
You will then be escorted to the observatory at 8:30pm (Oct-Mar) / 9pm (Apr-Sep)

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