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Lunar X event on 22 April 2018
The Lunar X phenomenon is net due to occur on 22 April, so get ready to take a look and see if you can see it.
Download this presentation for details, and if it is clear, come along to the MKAS event at Bredhurst Village Hall on the night. We will be there from 5pm.
15th April 2018

Bredhurst Village Hall, 7:30-10pm

Looking for something to keep the kids interested, look no further than space!

An exciting evening of space displays and activities, space talks and telescopes.
Suitable for kids and adults, come and learn about Space, Astronomy, and Rockets.

• Astronomical hands-on displays about Space and our Solar System
• Talks on the Planets and Space
• Make craters on the Moon
• Make an entire Galaxy
• Moon rock and Meteorites - Hold a piece of the Moon!!
• Space Shuttle and Apollo rockets
• About hardware going to Mercury
• Telescopes for StarGazing, if weather permits
• Hear the latest news on our Giant GP20 Telescope & Space Centre
• Telescope Workshop: bring your Telescope and we will show you how to use it
• Raffle, Tea, Coffee, Squash and Biscuits

Doors open at 7:30pm.

Everyone is welcome, £1 on the door
All funds raised will go to the GP20 Telescope project
Wrap up warm as it can get cold outside looking through the telescopes!!

13th April 2018
BAA Sky Notes: 2017 June and July
The British Astronomical Association Sky Notes article covering events in the sky during June and July has just been published in the June edition of the BAA Journal. The article can be read here
3rd June 2017
If you are looking for a second hand telescope, check out the adverts from our members.
1st March 2017
Ian and Bob awarded Life Membership
Congratulations to Ian Hargraves and Bob Tollervey for their hard work and service to MKAS over many years.
MKAS were proud to award them with their Life Membership at the meeting at Bredhurst on 27th January 2017.
27th January 2017
Some of our members have taken some stunning photos for you to see.
This one is from Rob Lines of M31 Andromeda Galaxy.

Take a look at the Photo Gallery on the RESOURCES page.
1st January 2017
If you are new to Astronomy, then here are a few suggestions to get you started...
1. Take a look at THE GUIDE, our mini-site for teaching you the basics
2. Read some of the books from our recommended reading list
3. Come along to our events and talks where we can talk to you and help you on your journey
And when you are inspired and ready, then why not join the society and enjoy your new passion with your new friends
20th April 2015
Solar Eclipse: 20 March: 8-11am
Did you know there is a Solar Eclipse on 20 March? It is Total from the Faroe Islands but from Kent, it will be Partial at 84.5% coverage of the Sun. If clouds allow, we will take a look from Isle of Grain Coastal Park Beach.
There won't be another Eclipse in the UK as good as this one until 2026, so you won't want to miss it!
NOTE: This event WILL GO AHEAD whatever the weather.
NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN, as this can permanently damage your eyesight.

11th March 2015
StarGazing at Mote Park reaches 4000 people
A very successful event was held at Mote Park in Maidstone on Saturday 7th March, when 4000 people entered the 9.5 hour event to learn and be inspired by the displays, talks, activities, planetarium, and observing that was on offer.
We were lucky with the excellent warm and clear weather, and everyone enjoyed it, including the 90 volunteers from MKAS and it's many partner organisations, which we owe our thanks.

Here are some quick Press news items:
ITV News
Kent Online
9th March 2015
Dawn Spacecraft arrives at Asteroid Ceres
NASA's Dawn spacecraft arrived at Ceres on 6th March 2015.
Full Story Here
6th March 2015
Radio Astronomy Kit
The hardware Matthew MacDonell showed at the Bredhurst meeting on 30 Jan, can be bought from here or better still, from this seller on eBay: SDRTAP
For the radio receiving software and the custom driver for the dongles, use SDRsharp
To pipe audio out of the radio software SDRsharp into the spectrum analysis software use VB-Audio Virtual cable
The spectrum analysis software SpectrumLab can be downloaded from here
31st January 2015
Comet Lovejoy
Comet Lovejoy is viewable in binoculars until early-February.
Look here for details about it and how to observe it.
Check this star chart for a detailed map of where to look.
Look here for coordinates.
Let us know how you get on.
5th January 2015
New MKAS website launched
MKAS are pleased to announce the launch of their new website. We hope that it is informative and useful.
We would like to thank everyone involved in the running of the old site, as well as the construction and publishing of the new one.

If you have any feedback on what you like and what else you would like to see, please let us know, via the CONTACT page.

Thanks, and Enjoy!
28th November 2014

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